Tour Music 2016

Youth Music Tour Hymn Festival 2016

Musical Lineup for Bremen, Wichita, Ponca City

The Glory of the Father (end with the “full of grace and truth”… — bridge to O Morning Star)

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O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright (choir sings stanza 6 from Ore setting)


A Great and Mighty Wonder (choir sings stanza 3)

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Thy Will Be Done (choir)


Christ, the Life of All the Living (choir trebles sing stanza 4)

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Built on the Rock (choir sings stanza 2)

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Just as I Am (choir sings stanza 3)

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By Faith, Getty (congregation joins on stanza 3 and following)

I think you’re good on this one 🙂

When Israel Was in Egypt’s Land, text from HS98, setting by Soulek

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It Is Finished, Zac Hicks (choir)

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Christ Is Arisen, Alleluia, LSB 466

MP3 (we sing with the congregation)